What’s going on here?

I’m about to embark on a quest… a Colorado foodie blogging quest.

This story begins in Louisville, Colorado, and I’m not sure where it ends. Hopefully it catapults me to France a few thousand times.

I’ve polled several dozen of my closest Colorado pals to determine which Metro Boulder and Denver restaurants they love. My quest: try them all, and report back to you what each establishment has to offer. I humbly accept, and I’ve taken up jogging to offset the effects of eating copious amounts of what promises to be delectable, calorie-laden restaurant food. I own only medium shirts, and I aim to keep it that way.

One caveat to the restaurant recommendations my friends have passed along: no chains. If you’re craving fare from destinations like Office Space‘s mythical  “Chotchkies”, I salute you for your courage, and I bid you adieu. For the rest of you looking to experience a meal or two served up by a locally owned small business, I welcome you.

Now, as they say in Paris, “Let’s get our eat on!”*

*As far as I know, no Parisian ever actually said this.

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About unchainedeatery
As an unapologetic foodie, I patronize locally owned Denver and Boulder restaurants vetted by folks who live in those neighborhoods. You recommend 'em, I go try 'em, then I write about 'em. Then I go jogging.

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