en route to Vernazza via La Fourchette in Avignon...

en route to Vernazza via La Fourchette in Avignon, France…

Once upon a time, I visited Vernazza. It may be the most romance-y place of all time. It’s certainly the most romantic spot I’ve ever been. When I’m in a romantic place, I usually feel like eating, which I realize is at least mildly George Costanza-esque. So be it.

When in Vernazza, I was lucky enough to have a book at hand (Rick Steves) to guide me to tried-and-true restaurants in the quaint, coastal Mediterranean town. We stayed two nights, and in those 48 hours, I ate at exactly two places – thrice at one and twice at the other. I was thankful to have access to those recommendations and even more pleased someone else had done the legwork for me; i.e.: grimacing through meals at less desirable spots and crossing them off the list.

And now, in the spirit of being a good neighbor via this blog, my goal is to provide you with similar recommendations for local and not-so-local eateries. I’m also hoping to minimize my experiences at the less desirable spots, which is why I’m picking the brains of locals who know the gold from the proverbial pyrite.

So, bon appetite! I hope these blog posts lead to a tasty dinner or two for you and the people with whom you dine. Ciao!

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Russian Bear Restaurant - West Bloomfield, Michigan

I was a busser and server for ten years in Metro Detroit before transitioning to the lucrative space of online journalism. This was 20 years/pounds ago…

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  1. cate says:

    Hi Eric, can you please send me your email address, I would like to send you an invitation to an event April 24th. Thanks Cate

  2. Sarah Callahan says:


    Would love to send you an invitation to the Bacon Takedown event taking place June 15th in Denver. Please send me your email address and I will provide details.


  3. Zoe says:

    Hi Eric, Can you please send me the best email for PR inquiries? Thanks so much, Zoe

  4. Annie says:

    Hi Eric,
    Would love to connect. What’s your email?

  5. Hi Eric,

    I would love to send you some information about an amazing benefit dinner our organization is hosting in January, could you please send me your email address?

  6. bobshoulders says:

    hey eric- thx for the samplings at kasa. great food and great comapny. if you could send me your contact info, i’ll look forward to kicking the soccer ball around when the grass is dry again.

  7. Brittany says:

    Hi Eric- I would love to get your email to invite you to a newly opened restaurant in Boulder.


  8. HI Eric,

    I’d love to invite you to the grand opening of Cinebarre Boulder in Louisville next week. What is the best place to reach you to send the invite?

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