Beer in a Scotch glass – Deschutes’ Chasin’ Freshies IPA

I dig unfiltered beer. I also have no idea how to brew beer. And really – I don’t even know how to properly taste beer.

When I read beer reviews, people comment on ‘mouthfeel’, ‘finish’, ‘lacing’, ‘head’… and on and on. Peeps get super nuanced, and hats off to them. I know this: if a beer is unfiltered, or even gives the impression of being unfiltered, I’m trying it. I’m really not even clear on whether Deschutes’ Chasin’ Freshies is technically unfiltered, but it looks like it probably is. Or I got a bottle with floaties. Chasin’ Floaties!

Beer in a Scotch glass png

If you’re going to drink yuppie beer, you may as well drink it from a Scotch glass.

Here’s what you need to know:

Chasin’ Freshies is a seasonal beer that will probably fly off shelves because the bombers are less than $5. It’s super hoppy, and it has a snowboard on the label, which means all the Breck “Brahs” will inhale the H out of it faster than my snowboard can get jacked at Keystone (and YES, that happened three years ago. Awesome New Years Day present!).

Anyway – if you love hops *and* not having your snowboard stolen, this beer was made for you. Cheers, Brah!

Deschutes Chasin' Freshies IPA

“Hey, Brah! Let’s go steal that guy’s beer!” “Sick, Brah! Then we can take a phat nap! Sick!”