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Brasserie Ten Ten

Years ago, my friend Steve and I would visit the Brasserie pretty much every Friday for happy hour. It was (and is) simply one of the best spots in Boulder in terms of quality, value, service, and atmosphere. In fact, the Unchained Eatery may not be around today if it weren’t for Brasserie Ten Ten. It left an impression!

In 2007 – on a somewhat less sophisticated food blog (before I figured out that pairing actual *photos* with food blogging was a good idea) – I wrote my first restaurant review, which just happened to be about the Brasserie. Read it here.

For my money, there’s no better brunch in Boulder, but the Brass is also stellar for lunch, dinner, happy hour, and particularly dessert. Definitely check out the Parisienne Macarons, served four-per-plate for $3. Couple those with a glass of 20-year Taylor-Fladgate Port to end your night on a near-perfect note.

Parisienne Macarons at Brasserie Ten Ten in Boulder

Boulder’s Best-Kept Dessert Secret: Parisienne Macarons paired with Taylor-Fladgate 20-year Port at Brasserie Ten Ten

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