Goodbye, Detroit… Hello, Denver. Now let’s eat.

Woodward Avenue and Detroit Tigers... meet downtown Denver and a bunch of sweet mountains... welcome!

Woodward Avenue and Detroit Tigers… meet downtown Denver and a bunch of sweet mountains… welcome!

You’ve said your temporary goodbyes to Union Street. You’re leaving behind, for the moment, Eminem, Kid Rock, Seger, Ted Nugent (hopefully forever), I-75, 696, 275 & 96 traffic nightmares. You won’t see any natural lakes for a while… Yes, you’re leaving Metro Detroit, but probably not for good. You’re seeking snow-capped peaks, roaming buffalo, a startling lack of trees, and… Peyton Manning? What? Whatever. You’re on vacation, and it’s time to indulge in some Rocky Mountain calories. So here’s where to go:


Vesta Dipping Grill (slightly upscale, perfect for a night out in Lodo [lower downtown])

Steuben’s Food Service (best local, home-grown comfort food in Uptown… and yes – please do try the mac’n’cheese)

Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria (the only authentic Neapolitan restaurant in Colorado – this is thin crust pizza at its best… great beer/wine selection as well)

Root Down (there’s no better brunch in Denver; their happy hour is among the best as well)

D’Corazon Mexican Comfort Food (their mole sauce with thigh meat, rice, and beans is worth the DIA/DTW plane ticket… trust me)

My Brother’s Bar (the classiest dive in Denver… burgers, beer, patio, shade, classical music, and free parking… heavenly)

A note about restaurants with a view in Denver:
It seems that Denver restaurants with the best mountain views are unreasonably expensive, while the restaurants with the best city views have the best happy hours (see Root Down, Linger). If you’re hoping for a great mountain view and reasonable prices, it’s best to head to…


Click here for a complete list of the best restaurants to check out in Boulder.

Boulder restaurants with great mountain views include: West End (rooftop – beer, burgers), Brasserie Ten Ten (patio – contemporary French), and Southern Sun Pub & Brewery (patio – beer/pub food).


Sadly, I could not get anyone to commit to any stellar eateries in Golden, Colorado. Is this really the case, people? Is Golden so devoid of solid restaurants that no locals can vouch for even one great place in the whole city? If so, this seems like a “golden” opportunity for restaurant entrepreneurs… or possibly other restaurant entrepreneurs… or still other restaurant entrepreneurs… hmmmm.

*Also: Huge thanks to my sister for her photo of the Detroit Tigers marquee. Nice one, Dan-yell-o! 🙂


About unchainedeatery
As an unapologetic foodie, I patronize locally owned Denver and Boulder restaurants vetted by folks who live in those neighborhoods. You recommend 'em, I go try 'em, then I write about 'em. Then I go jogging.

2 Responses to Goodbye, Detroit… Hello, Denver. Now let’s eat.

  1. Marisa says:

    You must check out the Golden City Brewery! Not a culinary hot spot, but amazing beer brewed right on the spot and great pretzels with homemade mustard. It is a communal spot for people to get together and relax in Golden! They don’t call it the ‘second largest brewery in Golden’ for nothing : )

  2. Agreed! I’m embarrassed to have not been there yet, but it’s near the top of my list. I love washin’ down a good mustard with the best beer in Golden. Thanks for the note!


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