Khow Thai Cafe

To a certain extent, apparently, I like spicy food. I like the kind of spice that sort of kicks your ass, but doesn’t continue to kick you while you’re down. It turns out I was kicked while down at the Khow Thai Cafe, but it was completely my own damn fault.

The server saw that I was struggling to make an ordering decision, so she said, “Do you like it spicy?

I, grinning like an idiot, said, “Of course!

She went on to recommend the “Pad Kee Mow”, which, in the Thai language means “Melty Hot Uranium in Your Mouth”.*

hot lava picture

Lava is typically a hot substance — of high temperature; it is boiling, hot, and generally the opposite of chilly.

*This is a complete fabrication and means nothing of the sort.

Quoting Khow Thai’s online menu, here are the Pad Kee Mow ingredients: Spicy Flat Noodles with Fresh Chili, Garlic, Bell Pepper, Basil Leaves, Tomato, Onion & Chinese Broccoli. Note also that this menu item had a tiny little pepper next to it, which means “Painfully Boiling Lava Hot, But You’ll Still Love It”, which I did. I will absolutely go back to this place. The food, while cooked with Satan’s palate in mind, was excellent. Next time, I’ll take care to specify that I do NOT like it spicy, because, as their menu states: you have your “Choice of Mild, Medium, American Hot or Thai Hot”. I’m not sure if I received American or Thai Hot, but I definitely got what I deserved.

Khow Thai is perfect for lunch, and parking is free, which is nearly unheard of in downtown Boulder.

Multiple thumbs up for Khow Thai. Thanks for kicking my mouth’s ass!

Khow Thai parking lot in Boulder

Khow Thai in Boulder has ample, free parking – a Boulder rarity




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As an unapologetic foodie, I patronize locally owned Denver and Boulder restaurants vetted by folks who live in those neighborhoods. You recommend 'em, I go try 'em, then I write about 'em. Then I go jogging.

One Response to Khow Thai Cafe

  1. Steve Miller says:

    Also, try the panang curry–my favorite dish at Khow Thai. Just be prepared to gain 5 pounds in one sitting, because you won’t be able to stop eating this wonderful stuff.

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