Beer in a Scotch glass – Uncle Jacob’s Stout by Avery

Beer in a Scotch glass png

If you’re going to drink yuppie beer, you may as well drink it from a Scotch glass.

First of all: apologies to those of you who may not be able to find this particular ¾ pint in a state near you… I feel for ya. I have a similar issue with Founders Centennial IPA, which is nowhere to be found in Colorado – although I’d love for someone to prove me wrong…

Here are three things to know about Uncle Jacob’s Bourbon Barrel Stout:

1. It’s a bottle of dessert. You can probably wash it down with chocolate cake, but the cake isn’t necessary.
2. This is likely the only 12 ounces of beer you’ll need to drink all night. And @ 14.83%, do not use a bong… not a beer bong, anyway, (Colorado + Washington, I’m looking at you.).
3. It pairs well with cheese. Really well. Grab some 24-36 month aged cheddar, and no one will doubt your yuppieness. You’re in!

Many thanks to Avery for this one! It’s one thick stout.

Uncle Jacob's Stout

Uncle Jacob’s Bourbon Barrel Stout… It’s “Chris Christie” thick.

BRU handbuilt ales & eats

Ian Clark, formerly of Centro and Jax Fish House, has officially nailed it with Bru handbuilt ales & eats in Boulder.

He could have stopped at unfiltered ales and sourdough pizza. That would have clinched it for me, but he took it to eleven. Here’s what to try at Bru:

- Citrum IPA: this is one of my favorite Colorado IPAs (the others being Odell, Avery, and Ska’s Modus Hoperandi).
- Sourdough basil (margherita) pizza… they’ll substitute locally available spinach if basil is not in season.
- Beer mustard butter – are you kidding me? This is the peak of culinary creativity. Do I bathe in it or eat it? Hey, I can bathe in it *and* eat it! (thanks, Gaffigan)

Bru should top your list of Boulder brewery destinations, and happy hour is a steal. Check out special Bru beer events here.

Drool factor follows…

Bru's 5-beer sampler

Bru’s 5-beer sampler is whatever you want it to be. You choose, they serve, everyone wins.

Bru trail mix

At Bru, trail mix means almonds, caramel corn, pecans, and spice. Order from the happy hour menu, and a huge portion is $2.

Citrum from Bru in Boulder

Bru’s Citrum is Colorado’s finest unfiltered IPA, IMHO.

Bru sourdough pizza

Why isn’t all pizza made of sourdough? I just ate a ‘Merican-size dinner, and this still makes me hungry.

Bru salad with poached egg

Sometimes you have to pass on pizza and eat salad, so your salad should at least have a healthy damn poached egg on it.

Bru bread and beer mustard butter

Slather your loaf with Bru’s tasty beer mustard butter.

Bru wood-roasted veggies

Wood-roasted veggies w/beer vinegar. Beta carotene, anyone?



Boulder Beer Company – Colorado’s first craft brewery

Boulder Beer IPA sampler

IPA sampler – Why drink one when you can try four? The Mojo IPA and Mojo Risin’ are Boulder Beer staples.

Best veggie patty in Boulder

The Barley Burger Betasso – it’s one of Boulder’s best veggie patties, and I order it with bacon on top and a side of mashed potatoes, because why not? Keep Boulder weird.



Azitra Restaurant – Indian Culinary Nirvana

Chana Masala

Chana Masala… Chickpeas + Diced Potatoes Cooked In Punjabi Style Sauce

I’ve been told, in no uncertain terms – by multiple folks, that the Indian food available in Boulder is nothing to write home about. Generally, people point to a few rough diamonds here and there, but for the most part, I’ve heard little aside from faint praise. So I went to Broomfield.

You’d be hard pressed to overhear, “Oh yeah… you want authentic Indian food? Head to Broomfield, Colorado!”

You’ve probably never heard that. Until now! 

Azitra is solid. The staff is awesome, the food is delish, and they have a decent selection of craft brews on tap and by the bottle. And I’m not kidding about the staff – we’ve received nothing but high-end service in five or six trips to Azitra.

Azitra lies just south of Flatiron Crossing. They have stunning views of the Front Range… and Walmart.



Beer in a Scotch glass – Green Flash’s Green Bullet

Beer in a Scotch glass png

If you’re going to drink yuppie beer, you may as well drink it from a Scotch glass.

Holy cows, I love this brew! Another of the seemingly “unfiltered” variety, it looks like there’s a tiny universe of tasty particles floating about in every glass. Green Flash classifies this as a Triple IPA. I’m the last person to know what that means, except for the following:

- IPAs typically weigh in around 6-7% alcohol
- DIPAs tend to hover between 7.2-9-ish%
- The Green Bullet - a TIPA – registers 10.1%, which means I’m starting to get super chatty. Apologies to my increasingly patient girlfriend.

I’ll spare you the verbosity and simply note that Green Bullet brims with flavor, character, and West Coast style – on steroids. Yet another staple in our fridge.

Green Flash Green Bullet

You, too, can get a bit tipsy after a couple of Green Bullet TIPAs from Green Flash Brewing.

Beer in a Scotch glass – Deschutes’ Chasin’ Freshies IPA

I dig unfiltered beer. I also have no idea how to brew beer. And really – I don’t even know how to properly taste beer.

When I read beer reviews, people comment on ‘mouthfeel’, ‘finish’, ‘lacing’, ‘head’… and on and on. Peeps get super nuanced, and hats off to them. I know this: if a beer is unfiltered, or even gives the impression of being unfiltered, I’m trying it. I’m really not even clear on whether Deschutes’ Chasin’ Freshies is technically unfiltered, but it looks like it probably is. Or I got a bottle with floaties. Chasin’ Floaties!

Beer in a Scotch glass png

If you’re going to drink yuppie beer, you may as well drink it from a Scotch glass.

Here’s what you need to know:

-Chasin’ Freshies is a seasonal beer that will probably fly off shelves because the bombers are less than $5. It’s super hoppy, and it has a snowboard on the label, which means all the Breck “Brahs” will inhale the H out of it faster than my snowboard can get jacked at Keystone (and YES, that happened three years ago. Awesome New Years Day present!).

Anyway - if you love hops *and* not having your snowboard stolen, this beer was made for you. Cheers, Brah!

Deschutes Chasin' Freshies IPA

“Hey, Brah! Let’s go steal that guy’s beer!” “Sick, Brah! Then we can take a phat nap! Sick!”

Beer in a Scotch glass – Ska Brewing’s Modus Hoperandi

Beer in a Scotch glass png

If you’re going to drink yuppie beer, you may as well drink it from a Scotch glass.

Another Beer of the Week consumed in a glass intended for booze: Ska Brewing’s Modus Hoperandi IPA.

Kudos to Jeff, Melody, and Mitchell for harping on me to try this one – it’s easily one of my go-to hoppy beers, and it’s become one of my favorites of any style.

Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi

Ska Modus Hoperandi – this beer is “Dick Cheney” bitter

Dick Cheney bitter beer face, aka: Dick Cheney face

Cheers, Dick!


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